About me

I've been fascinated by photography since early on in my childhood. At 16 I bought my first DSLR, a 35mm Pentax Z-20 with a 28-80mm lens. It gave me new artistic possibilities, and I learned to develop my own pictures.

The switch to digital came in 2005, along with the switch to Canon. This leap made it a lot easier to experiment, and I expanded into action and sports photography, bringing it together with my other big passion - (mountain) sports.

Living in Zurich, Switzerland, I enjoy the gift of living close to a whole lot of unique spots in the Alps - all reachable within a few hours by public transportation.

I enjoy the calmness and absolute freedom the mountains retained in our connected world. There's just nothing that comes close to waking up before sunrise in a remote and lonely landscape to witness the majestic beauty of the daylight chasing away the stars. Or the satisfaction of having climbed a challenging peak, paired with the outlook of a powdery descent on skis. It's a privilege to live in this beautiful playground of endless adventures.

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